Feel Things Growing

The White Rabbit can feel the activity of ingredients growing. 

The season of amazing British ingredients is really opening up, we have already been using fantastic Sand Hut Asparagus and Robert Tomlinson Rhubarb, they were stars of our April Menu.

On Mays Menu we have Wild Garlic that we have hand foraged ourselves here in Todmorden. Rooting & Fruiting Todmorden Wild Mushrooms, Spring Lamb, Jersey Royals and plenty of other fresh ingredients that are as vibrant as they come! 

The Five Course Tasting Menu was introduced this year and has become a firm favourite! Sitting along side our Al a Carte and the most popular Seven Course Tasting Menu. 

We have a new offering starting this month... Monthly Brunch!! The White Rabbit Style! Come see what we are up to on the first of our brunch dates on the 20th of May start the day with good food and a Brunch Cocktail..! 

Blog 3 - "welcome Emily Gregson"

Blog 3 – Welcome Emily

Customers who have been to The White Rabbit over the last few months will have likely met        “our Emily” she started working part time at the restaurant in October whilst finishing school and her GCSE exams. 
Well we can now announce Emily is full time we are very happy to have her as a full time front of house Apprentice completing her work based qualification here at The White Rabbit. So we thought we would dedicate this blog to Emily.
“Our Emily” -  Emily Gregson is a local Todmorden girl who has been attending high school in Burnley and now all her exams are compete she is just waiting to see what her results will be, we have every confidence in her gaining the results she wants. Emily quickly became part of the team when she started and has that “special” catering mentality that you quickly spot in those who have it, others in the industry will know the spark and that it means they will  basically survive and thrive the crazy harsh world of hospitality. 

Emily Gregson - trying to protest agaist my camera

Emily Gregson - trying to protest agaist my camera


Emily has been looking forwarding to starting full time and is getting stuck straight in to her qualification and she is going to power through it in no time, please join us in making her feel welcome when you visit the restaurant and Emily will be happy to assist you with your visit from booking on the phone till you need your coats and a taxi calling home. 
Myself and David are happy to have a full time member of staff and are happy that Emily decided to accept the job offer. Welcome Emily and i'm sure we will have many long hours and fun times ahead.

Robyn Gledhill.
David Gledhill.

Incredible Ingredients

Blog 2-Incredible Ingredients!

As a chef one of the most exciting things is ingredients!

Owning the White Rabbit is a creative chefs dream, we write our own menus, dream up dishes and create our own style of food. Every artist needs a muse and every chef needs inspiration. Where you draw the inspiration from impacts on your personal style and flavours.  Inspiration for a chef can be drawn from paintings, people, music, countries and my personal favourite- ingredients!

Todmorden is not only the home of The White Rabbit Restaurant, it is also the home of some amazing creative people who have a passion for food and ingredients. Our new favourite ingredients are aquaponically grown, organic, and produced less than three minutes away from us.

The Incredible Aquagarden is teaming with amazing fresh and vibrant colours and flavours; as soon as we bought the restaurant we started working with the Site & Growing Manager Martyna Krol. The difference as the spring months have come and now as the summer approaches is “Incredible”.  It’s a jungle of everything edible, all growing to teach their ways to students and other communities and of course supply restaurants like us with fresh food that is as local as we can get with 1 food mile from picking to kitchen!   

We have always tried to meet with Martyna once a week but now there is so much produce growing and ripening daily we are going twice a week. We go up and pick our own ingredients and the best part is this inspires us. We started by using them on our different daily amuse bouche and as garnish. We designed a dish on our tasting menu only weekend (3rd & 4Th June) and we were so happy with it a full version of the dish will feature throughout June menu called “Incredible Garden”. The favourite creative part was the lovage ice cream that came from Martyna showing us her favourite herb lovage growing, us smelling a bunch of it and both agreeing on an ice cream for the starter. We knew on paper it would sound “Bonkers”- salad and ice cream? But all the best ideas come from natural inspiration and a crazy thought.

The Journey when we were creating the dish “incredible garden”


The final dish was comprised of – lovage ice cream (made from Martynas favourite herb),  surrounded by crisp chard, radish, peppers, fig leaf gourd, tomatoes, chilli flowers, wasabi rocket, pak choi, nasturtiums, kale, squash and chive mayonnaise. Creating a larger version of this dish for our a la carte menu had to be done, as it showcases what The White Rabbit has got growing on our doorstep at the Incredible Aquagarden, and is a perfect example of how the local ingredients of Todmorden have been an Inspiration.

New beginnings...

“Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so. You’re entirely BONKERS. But I’ll Tell you a secret. All the best people are."

That’s the quote that we chose to put on the restaurant wall and so far it’s been a good choice. Opening The White Rabbit has been not only a huge achievement but a life changing decision.

David and I share a passion for food, we really do live and breathe it so we both thought why not take the leap into the deep end and go from working in restaurants to owning one...

But it’s not for the faint hearted ! 

When we were setting up our restaurant I honestly never thought we could both get so excited about details like napkins and hand towels, and all at the same time !

Now in the daily running of the place I’m waking up in the night wondering if tangerine and orange blossom is the way to go with a dessert… and David muttering about orders in his sleep.

I’m sure it’s these things that only go through those people’s minds that are deep in the industry, and that maybe those outside the catering world wouldn't see such details as significant. I feel that's what make David and I not only a great team but also a recipe for success here at The White Rabbit.

We care and we are definitely in deep - 'Down the Rabbit Hole' in fact... 

Among the sleepless nights dreaming of Tangerine Dream desserts, the busy days taking bookings and looking after a full restaurant, we really do appreciate that we have created not only something we are extremely proud of but it is a place that people like to be ! 

Having tables sat relaxing with food and wine whilst laughing with friends; with guests asking us why we are here and them wanting not just to eat and leave but rather be in our restaurant and share what we have created is a sensational experience... 

We only hope these experiences can be shared with many more new customers in years to come...  

We don’t plan on going anywhere !  

Robyn and David Gledhill